Sebastian Mella was born in 1983, in Santiago, Chile. He got title of architect in 2007, at Universidad de Chile.

Sebastian started his work as a musician in a band called CCS back in 1999. Then, after two years, the crew delays and he starts his own project as Fantasna, dabbling autodidactically in the use of machines and softwares.

In 2005, he joins the netlabel and chilean collective Nomucho. This platform brings to him the possibility of distribute his productions and play live in most of Santiago’s clubs.

In july 2007, from the impulse provided by Nomucho, he is chosen by Absolut Vodka for a project in alliance with the photo camera brand Lomo, called “Absolut Lomo”. In that same year, in October, the MicroMutek festival, which promotes digital experimentation in sound, music and visual arts, took place in Santiago. Fantasna was one of his participants, sharing stage with artists like Marc Leclair (Akufen), Tailor Deupree, and many others.

In December 2011 he participates again in the canadian festival Mutek, playing live in Santiago in the third night, with Stefan Betke a.k.a. Pole (~scape) and Jorge Cortés (Jorge C, Receptor, Cáncer, Ojo de Apolo).

His work has been released in chileans and international records labels, such as Nomucho (Santiago, Chile), Discos Pegaos (Santiago, Chile), Ojo de Apolo (Berlin, Germany), Apparel Music (London, UK), Secouer Records (Puglia, Italy), Neovinyl Records (Málaga-Berlin), Melisma, (Berlin-Santiago) and recently in Felipe Venegas’s imprint, Drumma Records (Santiago-Berlin).

On May 15th 2014, he is invited by Boiler Room to join the first session on Santiago, Chile. This presentation was recorded on video and in a documental about the local scene. Later, on June 2014, Fantasna performs his live act for the first time in Europe, at Moog club in Barcelona.

In November 2014 Fantasna joins a new chilean label called Pirotecnia, owned and directed by Dj Raff and Dalal Leiva. The label was created as music and artistic platform, working as well as a booking agency for national and international performances. Under Pirotecnia he released “Del Cuore”, an EP mixed by Pablo Muñoz (De Janeiros) and mastered by Chalo González in CHT studios.
Robot Y Su Combo EP, Nomucho 004, 2006.
Lluvias Del Trópico EP, Nomucho 007, 2007.
2 Nite EP, Apparel Music, APD022, 2010.
Sub_a / Sougud, Discos Pegaos, DPS04, 2011.
Las Siete Canchas EP, Neovinyl Recordings, NVR017, 2011.
Equis Costa EP, Drumma, DM003, 2012.
Asi Somos, Melisma, MLS14, 2013.
Ganimedes EP, Neovinyl Recordings, NVR038, 2014.
Secret Society Vol 1, Various Artist, Drumma, DMD005, 2014.
Las Cosas Callao EP, Neovinyl Recordings. 2014.
Various Artist, Combo EP, Ojo De Apolo (12”). 2014.
Various Artist, Pegamentos Vol.2, Discos Pegaos (12”). 2014
Del Cuore EP, Pirotécnia. 2014
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